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Symmetry and Lattice Dynamics Hui Tang 3657
A High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor with Column-Parallel Single Capacitor CDSs and Sing.. Li QL (Li Quanliang) 3325
半导体科学与技术 何杰 3259
半导体的检测与分析 许振嘉 3205
Investigation of oxygen vacancy and interstitial oxygen defects in ZnO films by ph.. Fan HB (Fan Hai-Bo) 2875
High-speed analog DFB laser module operated in direct modulation for Ku-band Liu Y (Liu Yu) 2742
Mechanical and electronic properties of monolayer MoS2 under elastic strain Yue, Q 2677
The effects of sapphire substrates processes to the LED efficiency - art. no. 6841.. Yang, H 2096
Analysis of the optical confinement factor in semiconductor lasers Huang YZ 1765
Electronic, structural, and optical properties of crystalline yttria Xu YN 1578
Plasma induced damage in GaN-based light emitting diodes - art. no. 68410X Li, Y 1521
Computer-aided design of PV/wind hybrid system Ai B 1505
Extraction of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure Schottky diode barrier heights from forwar.. Lv YJ 1501
Investigation on the strain relaxation of InGaN layer and its effects on the InGaN.. Wang H (Wang H.) 1469
Stress and its effect on optical properties of GaN epilayers grown on Si(111), 6H-.. Zhao DG 1448
新型高效太阳能电池研究进展 赵杰 1431
增强型AlGaN/GaN HEMT器件工艺的研究进展 杜彦东 1392
Image Lag Optimization of Four-Transistor Pixel for High Speed CMOS Image Zhou YF (Zhou Yangfan) 1352
Raman scattering of non-planar graphite: arched edges, polyhedral crystals, whiske.. Tan PH 1339
Synthesis and structures of morphology-controlled ZnO nano- and microcrystals Peng WQ 1337
半导体材料的华丽家族-氮化镓基材料简介 孙殿照 1315
High-brightness GaN-based blue LEDs grown on a wet-patterned sapphire substrate - .. Zhang, Y 1292
Surface morphology of AlN buffer layer and its effect on GaN growth by metalorgani.. Zhao, DG 1218
碳材料的拉曼光谱 谭平恒 1189
1-mm gate periphery AlGaN/AIN/GaN HEMTs on SiC with output power of 9.39 W at 8 GH.. Wang XL 1186
128×160元GaAs/AlGaAs多量子阱长波红外焦平面阵列 苏艳梅 1157
First-principles study on rutile TiO2 quantum dots Peng, HW 1153
Electronic properties of zinc-blende GaN, AlN, and their alloys Ga1-xAlxN Fan WJ 1122
Advances in high power semiconductor diode lasers - art. no. 682402 Ma, XY 1103
Single-mode condition for silicon rib waveguides with trapezoidal cross-section Xia, JS 1088
下一代测序技术:技术回顾与展望 周晓光 1072
Electronic structures of wurtzite ZnO and ZnO/MgZnO quantum well Fan WJ 1041
Raman scattering and infrared absorption of silicon nanocrystals in silicon oxide .. Ma ZX 1023
Improving light extraction of InGaN-based light emitting diodes with a roughened p.. Wei TB 1019
纳米半导体技术 王占国 1018
Enhancement of the light output power of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes grown on .. Gao, HY 1000
荧光寿命成像技术及其研究进展 刘超 984
Electropolymerized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrene sulfonate) (PEDOT.. Yan J (Yan Jun) 972
Optical analysis of dislocation-related physical processes in GaN-based epilayers Jiang 938
A Fully Integrated 900-MHz Passive RFID Transponder Front End With Novel Zero-Thre.. Yao Y 935
Functionalization of monolayer MoS2 by substitutional doping: A first-principles s.. Yue, Qu 931
Photoluminescence of Mg-doped GaN grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Qu BZ 930
单芯片集成 WLAN 射频收发机中前端电路研究 彭苗 924
一种用于微电子机械系统的碳化硅微通道的制作方法 刘兴昉 923
Microstructure and Optical Properties of Nonpolar m-Plane GaN Films Grown on m-Pla.. Wei, TB 910
Phosphor-conversion white light using InGaN ultraviolet laser diode Xu Y 908
High-efficiency GaN-based blue LEDs grown on nano-patterned sapphire substrates fo.. Yan, FW 891
Growth of crack-free AlGaN film on thin AlN interlayer by MOCVD Jin RQ 889
An ultra-low power CMOS random number generator Zhou, SH 874
SiC材料及器件研制的进展 李晋闽 872
High speed silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator based on interleaved PN junctions Xu, H 870
Influence of high-temperature AIN buffer thickness on the properties of GaN grown .. Zhang BS 868
Synthesis and photoluminescence of ZnS : Cu nanoparticles Peng WQ (Peng W. Q.) 866
Four-channel reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer based on photonic wire wa.. Geng MM 863
单纵模多环形腔掺铒光纤激光器及其稳定性 张欣 858
Strain effect on the band structure of InAs/GaAs quantum dots Zhu HJ 857
超辐射发光二极管的应用 王佐才 852
高击穿电压AlGaN/GaN HEMT电力开关器件研究进展 张明兰 845
Optimization of grid design for solar cells Liu Wen 845
Improvement of GaN-based light emitting diodes performance grown on sapphire subst.. Gao, HY 842
Low temperature annealing effects on the structure and optical properties of ZnO f.. Zhu BL (Zhu B. L.) 842
Monolithic Integration of Widely Tunable Sampled Grating DBR Laser with Tilted Sem.. Ye N (Ye Nan) 839
Growth of GaN film on Si (111) substrate using AlN sandwich structure as buffer Pan X (Pan Xu) 831
High-resolution X-ray diffraction analysis of the Bragg peak integrated intensity .. Feng G 827
Picosecond timing synchronization control signal for 3D range-gated imaging Yang JB (Yang Jinbao) 827
ZEMAX在多模光纤准直器设计中的应用 雷平顺 826
基于STM32 和FPGA 的激光甲烷检测系统设计 范松涛 826
Resonant Raman scattering of a-SiNx : H Wang Y 823
拓扑绝缘体量子点中的少电子问题 李健 814
GaN基紫外探测器及其研究进展 李向阳 810
半导体激光器相对强度噪声的实验研究 朱晓鹏 810
Surface plasmon enhanced GaAs thin film solar cells Liu W 807
微电子与光电子集成技术 陈弘达 803
Effect of Nitridation on Morphology, Structural Properties and Stress of AIN Films Hu WG 798
Electrical properties of B-doped polycrystalline silicon thin films prepared by ra.. Ai B 794
Harmonic RF carrier generation and broadband data upconversion using stimulated Br.. Li W 794
半导体中自旋轨道耦合及自旋霍尔效应 常凯 793
25 Gbit/s silicon microring modulator based on misalignment-tolerant interleaved P.. Xiao X(肖希) 791
半导体量子点及其应用(Ⅰ) 赵凤瑷 788
光电子器件微波封装和测试 祝宁华 786
量子通信与量子计算 张庆秀 786
Calculation of the hourly and daily radiation incident on three step tracking plan.. Ai B 785
Comparison of valence band x-ray photoelectron spectrum between Al-N-codoped and N.. Cong GW 780
Fracture Properties of LPCVD Silicon Nitride and Thermally Grown Silicon Oxide Thi.. Yang, JL 778
第一性原理研究Mg,Si和Mn共掺GaN 邢海英 773
Temperature dependence of the Fermi level in low-temperature-grown GaAs Chen YH 769
黑磷中杂质散射研究 邹永连 767
Structural characterization of AlGaN/GaN superlattices by x-ray diffraction and Ru.. Zhou SQ (Zhou Shengqiang) 766
基于FPGA的数字锁相放大器在气体探测中的应用 范松涛 766
Research on color matching of LED backlight for large-color-gamut LCD application .. Liang, M 765
Improved DC and RF performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs grown by MOCVD on sapphire subst.. Wang XL 765
The refractive nonlinearities of InAs/GaAs quantum dots above-bandgap energy Huang X 765
Design of shallow acceptors in ZnO: First-principles band-structure calculations Li J (Li Jingbo) 764
GeSn p-i-n photodetector for all telecommunication bands detection Su SJ 762
Magnetic ordering and irreversible magnetization between ZFC and FC states in RCo5.. Chang H 761
Electronic structures of wurtzite ZnO, BeO, MgO and p-type doping in Zn1-xYxO (Y =.. Xu, Q 753
Structural and electronic properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in amorphous SiC .. Song C 753
Role of interface dipole in metal gate/high-k effective work function modulation b.. Yang ZC 752
Five-port optical router for photonic networks-on-chip Ji, RQ 751
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高性能宽带光电探测器模块及其工程化应用研究 孙博 2
高性能硅基雪崩光电探测器的研究 庞雅青 2
DFB激光器反馈特性建模与高性能DBR光源研究 杨秋露 2
基于薄膜铌酸锂微环谐振腔的集成微波光子滤波器的研究 未创创 2
高增益小型化光电接收模块及其变频系统应用研究 王超权 2
光波导数值模拟与半导体激光光束性质研究 朱晓鹏 1
应变补偿量子级联激光器的材料与器件研究 路秀真 1
半导体激光器等效电路模型及其在微波封装中的应用 张尚剑 1
大功率量子阱激光器设计及直接调制特性研究 王俊 1
InGaAs/InAlAs/InP 量子级联激光器材料生长与器件研究 李路 1
大功率半导体激光器空间复合技术研究 吴芃 1
半导体的检测与分析 许振嘉 1
大功率半导体激光器波长稳定研究 赵懿昊 1
Si基III-V族半导体异质兼容低维材料的分子束外延生长 贺继方 1
倏逝波耦合的波导雪崩光电探测器的研究与制备 崔荣 1
基于摩擦电效应的纳米能源器件构建及其性能研究 王书华 1
大功率半导体激光器可靠性研究和失效分析 王文知 1
InP基近中红外激光器的理论模拟和MOCVD材料生长 李健 1
锑化物红外探测器工艺制备与表征 郝宏玥 1
大功率半导体激光器光电特性数值模拟及光电耦合热特性研究 倪羽茜 1
InAs/GaSb 超晶格长波红外焦平面器件 韩玺 1
锑化物超晶格中红外高温探测器 孙姚耀 1
锑化物超晶格中长波红外探测器 蒋志 1
锑化物超晶格长波红外探测器器件制备及工艺优化 孙矩 1
高功率半导体激光器热设计与热应力分析 袁庆贺 1
应用于集成微波光子学的铌酸锂薄膜非线性光学器件的研究 张景 1
新型半导体激光器模式调控 王学友 1
硅基光电集成卷积神经网络计算芯片研究 黄宇龙 1
锑化物超晶格长波红外探测器理论设计及其焦平面器件 崔素宁 1
高损伤阈值1064nm半导体可饱和吸收镜的研究 林楠 1
高速直调半导体激光器及其优化设计 许博蕊 1
半导体光谱新技术研究 罗伟霞 1
高功率连续波分布反馈激光器与半导体锁模激光器研究 刘祎慧 1
InP基大功率低发散角DFB激光器的研究 李振宇 1
半导体激光器的宽带调制与光谱调控研究 徐长达 1
1.3 μm波段InP基高速直接调制InGaAlAs量子阱激光器研究 朱旭愿 1
高线性薄膜铌酸锂调制器研究 赵奕儒 1
锑化物超晶格中短波红外探测器 蒋俊锴 1
硅基选区外延III-V族材料及激光器研究 杨正霞 1
InAsGaSb超晶格红外探测器工艺与性能研究 陈伟强 1
砷锑化合物低维材料分子束外延与红外光电器件研究 苏向斌 1
高效率边发射锑化物激光器光场调控研究 陈益航 1
基于半导体微腔激光器的光频梳产生研究 王婷 1