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Integration of 1550 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with gratings on SOI 期刊论文
OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY, 2014, 卷号: 64, 页码: 333-336
Authors:  Li, Hongqiang);  Cui, Beibei;  Zhang, Meiling;  Zhou, Wenqian;  Chen, Hongda;  Zhang, Cheng;  Liu, Yu;  Tang, Chunxiao;  Li, Enbang
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A new type of Fbg sensor with high temperature sensitivity 期刊论文
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 2012, 卷号: 4, 期号: 16, 页码: 2890-2894
Authors:  Liu, Zhihui;  Li, Hongqiang;  Chen, Hongda;  Yang, Haijing;  Li, Enbang;  Wei, Kejia
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A novel AWG demodulation system in electronic engineering 期刊论文
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 2012, 卷号: 177 LNEE, 期号: VOL. 2, 页码: 315-319
Authors:  Liu, Zhihui;  Li, Hongqiang;  Miao, Changyun;  Yang, Haijing;  Chen, Honda;  Lu, Keqing;  Li, Enbang;  Wei, Kejia
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