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The influence of growth temperature and input V/III ratio on the initial nucleation and material properties of InN on GaN by MOCVD 期刊论文
SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2009, 卷号: 24, 期号: 5, 页码: Art. No. 055001
Authors:  Wang H;  Jiang DS;  Zhu JJ;  Zhao DG;  Liu ZS;  Wang YT;  Zhang SM;  Yang H;  Wang H Chinese Acad Sci Inst Semicond State Key Lab Integrated Optoelect POB 912 Beijing 100083 Peoples R China. E-mail Address:
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Molecular-beam Epitaxy  Electron-transport  Band-gap  Films  Sapphire  
Al compositional inhomogeneity of AlGaN epilayer with a high Al composition grown by metal-organic chemical vapour deposition 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 2007, 卷号: 19, 期号: 17, 页码: Art.No.176005
Authors:  Wang XL;  Zhao DG;  Jiang DS;  Yang H;  Liang JW;  Jahn U;  Ploog K;  Wang, XL, Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Semicond, State Key Lab Integrated Optoelect, POB 912, Beijing 100083, Peoples R China. 电子邮箱地址:
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Thickness measurement of GaN epilayer using high resolution X-ray diffraction technique 期刊论文
SCIENCE IN CHINA SERIES G-PHYSICS ASTRONOMY, 2003, 卷号: 46, 期号: 4, 页码: 437-440
Authors:  Feng G;  Zhu JJ;  Shen XM;  Zhang BS;  Zhao DG;  Wang YT;  Yang H;  Liang JW;  Feng G,Chinese Acad Sci,Inst Semicond,State Key Lab Integrated Optoelect,Beijing 100083,Peoples R China.
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Gan  X-ray Diffraction  Thickness  Sapphire  Growth  Films  
Effect of buffer layer growth conditions on the secondary hexagonal phase content in cubic GaN films on GaAs(001) substrates 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, 2000, 卷号: 212, 期号: 3-4, 页码: 397-401
Authors:  Sun XL;  Yang H;  Wang YT;  Zheng LX;  Xu DP;  Zhao DG;  Li SF;  Wang ZG;  Sun XL,Chinese Acad Sci,Inst Semicond,Natl Res Ctr Optoelect Technol,Beijing 100083,Peoples R China.
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Iii-v Semiconductor Mocvd Rheed  Xrdcd  Sapphire  
Effect of Si doping on cubic GaN films grown on GaAs(100) 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, 1999, 卷号: 206, 期号: 1-2, 页码: 150-154
Authors:  Xu DP;  Yang H;  Li JB;  Li SF;  Wang YT;  Zhao DG;  Wu RH;  Xu DP,Chinese Acad Sci,Inst Semicond,Natl Res Ctr Optoelect Technol,Beijing 100083,Peoples R China.
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Gan  Cubic  Hexagonal  Photoluminescence  Doped Gan  Xrd  Silicon  Light-emitting Diodes  Semiconductors  Sapphire