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Anomalous temperature dependence of photoluminescence spectra from InAs/GaAs quantum dots grown by formation–dissolution–regrowth method [期刊论文]杨冠卿; 张世著; 徐波; 陈涌海; 王占国2017-4-20
980 nm 大功率基横模分布反馈激光器 [期刊论文]张奇; 赵懿昊; 董振; 王翠鸾; 李伟; 刘素平; 马骁宇2017
Nearly Diffraction-Limited and Low-Divergence Tapered Lasers with Photonic Crystal Structure [期刊论文]Xiaolong Ma; Anjin Liu; Hongwei Qu; Yun Liu; Pengchao Zhao; Xiaojie Guo; Wanhua Zheng2017
Stimulated emission at 272 nm from an AlxGa1-xN-based multiple-quantum-well laser with two-step etched facets [期刊论文]Yingdong Tian; Yun Zhang; Jianchang Yan; Xiang Chen; Junxi Wang; Jinmin Li2016-5-18
Formation and characteristics of AlGaN-based three-dimensional hexagonal nanopyramid semi-polar multiple quantum wells [期刊论文]Yingdong Tian; Jianchang Yan; Yun Zhang; Yonghui Zhang; Xiang Chen; Yanan Guo; Junxi Wang; Jinmin Li2016-5-13
基于超混沌的快速图像加密算法 [期刊论文]葛滨; 鲁华祥; 陈旭; 金敏2016-3
980 nm 大功率基横模分布反馈激光器 [期刊论文]张奇; 赵懿昊; 董振; 王翠鸾; 李伟; 刘素平; 马骁宇2016
Life prediction of 808nm high power semiconductor laser by accelerated life test of constant current stress [期刊论文]Yao Nan; Li Wei†; Zhao Yihao; Zhong Li; Liu Suping; Ma Xiaoyu2016
Finite element analysis of expansion-matched submounts for high-power laser diodes packaging [期刊论文]Ni Yuxi; Ma Xiaoyu; Jing Hongqi; Liu Suping2016
GaAs 基高功率半导体激光器单管耦合研究 [期刊论文]王鑫; 王翠鸾; 吴霞; 朱凌妮; 马骁宇; 刘素平2016

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