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Growth Parameter Dependence of Structural Characterizations of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor (Ga, Cr)As [会议论文]Lu J; Bi JF; Wang WZ; Gan HD; Meng HJ; Deng JJ; Zheng HZ; Zhao JH-
Magnetic properties of ZnO-doped cobalt ferrite [会议论文]Zhou, JP; Shi, Z; He, HC; Nan, CW-
Long-Wavelength Emission InAs Quantum Dots Grown on InGaAs Metamorphic Buffers [会议论文]Wu, BP; Wu, DH; Xiong, YH; Huang, SS; Ni, HQ; Xu, YQ; Niu, ZC-
Experimental Demonstration on Structure-Parameter Dependence of Photonic Crystal Optical Spectrum [会议论文]Wang CX; Kan Q; Xu XS; Du W; Chen HD-
Design and Fabrication of a Photonic Crystal Channel Drop Filter Based on an Asymmetric Silicon-on-Insulator Slab [会议论文]Yu HJ; Yu JZ; Yu YD; Chen SW-
Desorption and Ripening of Low Density InAs Quantum Dots [会议论文]Zhan, F; Huang, SS; Niu, ZC; Ni, HQ; Xiong, YH; Fang, ZD; Zhou, HY; Luo, Y-
薄膜太阳能电池的研究进展 [会议论文]梁骏吾2011
STUDY OF MICROSTRUCTURE AND DEFECTS IN HYDROGENATED MICROCRYSTALLINE SILICON FILMS [会议论文]Peng WB (Peng Wenbo); Zeng XB (Zeng Xiangbo); Liu SY (Liu Shiyong); Xiao HB (Xiao Haibo); Kong GL (Kong Guanglin); Yu YD (Yu Yude); Liao XB (Liao Xianbo)2010-8-16
A Novel CMOS Color Pixel for Vision Chips [会议论文]Fu QY (Fu Qiuyu); Zhang WC (Zhang Wancheng); Lin QY (Lin Qingyu); Wu NJ (Wu Nanjian)2010-8-16
Demonstration of high efficient tunable lasing with one photonic crystal W1 waveguide [会议论文]Zheng WH (Zheng Wanhua); Xing MX (Xing Mingxin); Chen; W (Chen Wei); Zhou WJ (Zhou Wenjun); Liu AJ (Liu Anjin); Wang HL (Wang Hailing); Chen LH (Chen Lianghui)2009
Large-Signal Performance of 1.3 mu m InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers [会议论文]Ji; HM; Cao; YL; Xu PF; Gu YX; Ma WQ; Liu Y; Wang X; Xie L; Yang T2009
InGaAsP/InP Bistability Triangle Microlasers [会议论文]Huang YZ (Huang Yong-Zhen); Yang YD (Yang Yue-De); Wang SJ (Wang Shi-Jiang); Xiao JL (Xiao Jin-Long); Du Y (Du Yun)2009
High-Q and High-extinction-ratio Microdisk Add-drop Filter with Grating Couplers in Silicon-on-Insulator [会议论文]Li YT (Li Yuntao); Xiao X (Xiao Xi); Huang QZ (Huang Qingzhong); Li ZY (Li Zhiyong); Yu YD (Yu Yude); Yu JZ (Yu Jinzhong)2009
High-Order Microring Filters on SOI Wafer [会议论文]Wang SJ (Wang Shi-Jun); Xiao JL (Xiao Jin-Long); Huang YZ (Huang Yong-Zhen)2009
Design and Simulation Analysis of Spot-Size Converter in Silicon-On-Insulator [会议论文]Yin XJ (Yin Xiaojie); Wu YD (Wu Yuanda); Hu XW (Hu Xiongwei)2009
Diffractive Grating Based Out-of-Plane Coupling between Silicon Nanowire and Optical Fiber [会议论文]Li ZY; Zhu Y; Zhou L; Li YT; Han WH; Fan ZC; Yu YD; Yu JZ2009
Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer Based on Silicon Photonic Wire Waveguide [会议论文]Geng MM (Geng Minming); Jia LX (Jia Lianxi); Zhang L (Zhang Lei); Yang L (Yang Lin); Chen P (Chen Ping); Wang T (Wang Tong); Liu YL (Liu Yuliang)2009
A simple method to realize large-bandwidth and high-efficiency wavelength conversion in Si waveguide [会议论文]Jia LX (Jia Lianxi); Geng MM (Geng Minming); Zhang L (Zhang Lei); Yang L (Yang Lin); Chen P (Chen Ping); Liu YL (Liu Yuliang)2009
A Smart Frequency Presetting Technique for Fast Lock-in LC-PLL Frequency Synthesizer [会议论文]Yan XZ (Yan Xiaozhou); Kuang XF (Kuang Xiaofei); Wu NJ (Wu Nanjian)2009
Calculation of Light Delay by FDTD Technique and Pade Approximation [会议论文]Huang YZ (Huang Yong-Zhen); Yang YD (Yang Yue-De)2009


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