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A High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor with Column-Parallel Single Capacitor CDSs and Single-slope ADCs [会议论文]Li QL (Li Quanliang); Shi C (Shi Cong); Wu NJ (Wu Nanjian)2011
Image Lag Optimization of Four-Transistor Pixel for High Speed CMOS Image [会议论文]Zhou YF (Zhou Yangfan); Cao ZX (Cao Zhongxiang); Li QL (Li Quanliang); Qin Q (Qin Qi); Wu NJ (Wu Nanjian)2011
A Novel RFID Tag Chip with Temperature Sensor in Standard CMOS Process [会议论文]Zhang Q (Zhang Qi); Feng P (Feng Peng); Zhou SH (Zhou Shenghua); Geng ZQ (Geng Zhiqing); Wu NJ (Wu Nanjian)2010
Rashba electron transport in 1D quantum waveguides [会议论文]Liu DY (Liu DuanYang); Xia JB (Xia JianBai); Chang YC (Chang YiaChung)2010


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