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A high accuracy cantilever array sensor for early liver cancer diagnosis [期刊论文]Jingjing Wang; Lihao Wang; Yinfang Zhu; Jinying Zhang; Ju Liao; Shuaipeng Wang; Jinling Yang; Fuhua Yang2016
A High Throughput Cantilever Array Sensor for Multiple Liver Cancer Biomarkers Detection [期刊论文]Jingjing Wang; Yinfang Zhu; Xing Wang; Shuaipeng Wang; Jinling Yang; Fuhua Yang2016
A low feed-through 3D vacuum packaging technique with silicon vias for RF MEMS resonators [期刊论文]Jicong Zhao; Quan Yuan; Xiao Kan; and Jinling Yang; Fuhua Yang2016
Analysis of Substrate Effect in Field Effect Transistor Terahertz Detectors [期刊论文]Bowen Zhang; Wei Yan; Zhaofeng Li; Long Bai; Fuhua Yang2016
The study of the contribution of the surface and bulk traps to the dynamic Rdson in AlGaN/GaN HEMT by light illumination [期刊论文]Yanan Liang; Lifang Jia; Zhi He; Zhongchao Fan; Yun Zhang; Fuhua Yang2016
980 nm 大功率基横模分布反馈激光器 [期刊论文]张奇; 赵懿昊; 董振; 王翠鸾; 李伟; 刘素平; 马骁宇2016
Design and simulation of a novel high-efficiency cooling heat-sink structure using fluid-thermodynamics [期刊论文]Jing Hongqi; Zhong Li; Ni Yuxi; Zhang Junjie; Liu Suping; Ma Xiaoyu2016
Finite element analysis of expansion-matched submounts for high-power laser diodes packaging [期刊论文]Ni Yuxi; Ma Xiaoyu; Jing Hongqi; Liu Suping2016
The Cu based AlGaN/GaN Schottky Barrier Diode [期刊论文]Li D(李迪)2015-5
Observation of Degenerate One-Dimensional Subbands in-Single n-Channel Junctionless Nanowire Transistors [期刊论文]Liuhong Ma; Weihua Han; Hao Wang; Xiang Yang; Fuhua Yang2015
Electron transport behaviors through donor-induced quantum dot array in heavily n-doped junctionless nanowire transistors [期刊论文]Liuhong Ma; Weihua Han; Hao Wang; Wenting Hong; Qifeng Lyu; Xiang Yang; Fuhua Yang2015
A novel MEMS actuator with large lateral stroke driven by Lorentz force [期刊论文]Xingdong Lv; Weiwei Wei; Xu Mao; Jinling Yang; Fuhua Yang2015
A novel MEMS electromagnetic actuator with large displacement [期刊论文]Xingdong Lv; Weiwei Wei; Xu Mao; Yu Chen; Jinling Yang; Fuhua Yang2015
Frequency Stability of RF-MEMS Disk Resonators [期刊论文]Quan Yuan; Wei Luo; Hui Zhao; Bohua Peng; Jinling Yang; Fuhua Yang2015
Dielectric microwave properties of Si-integrated pulsed laser deposited (Ba, Sr)TiO3 thin films up to 110 GHz [期刊论文]Xi Ning; Shuming Chen; Jinying Zhang; Hui Huang; Lei Wang2015
THz band-stop filter using metamaterials surfaced on LiNbO3 sub-wavelength slab waveguide [期刊论文]Bin Zhang; QiangWu; Chongpei Pan; Ruobai Feng; Jingjun Xu; Cibo Lou; Xiaodong Wang; Fuhua Yang2015
AgAu core-shell dendrites:a stable,reusable and sensitive surface enhanced Raman scattering substrate [期刊论文]Hong Jun Yin; Zhao Yang Chen; Yong Mei Zhao; Ming Yang Lv; Chun An Shi; Zheng Long Wu; Xin Zhang; Luo Liu; Ming Li Wang; Hai Jun Xu2015
Study of surface-enhanced Raman scattering activity of DNA-directed self-assembled gold nanoparticle [期刊论文]Hong Jun Yin; Luo Liu; Chun An Shi; Xin Zhang; Ming Yang Lv; Yong Mei Zhao; Hai Jun Xu2015
Low-cost Au nanoparticle-decorated cicada wing as sensitive andrecyclable substrates for surface enhanced Raman scattering [期刊论文]Ming Yang Lv; Hai Yan Teng; Zhao Yang Chen; Yong Mei Zhao; Xin Zhang; Luo Liu; Zhenglong Wu; Li Min Liu; Hai Jun Xu2015
Recyclable three-dimensional Ag nanoparticle-decorated TiO2 nanorod arrays for surface-enhanced Raman scattering [期刊论文]Hui Fang; ChangXing Zhang; Luo Liu; YongMei Zhao; HaiJun Xu2015


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