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Room temperature direct-bandgap electroluminescence from a horizontal Ge ridge waveguide on Si [期刊论文]Chao He; Zhi Liu; Bu-Wen Cheng2016
High-performance lithium-ion battery with nano-porous polycrystalline silicon particles as anode [期刊论文]Junying Zhang; Chunqian Zhang; Shouming Wu; Jun Zheng; Yuhua Zuo; Chunlai Xue; Chuanbo Li; Buwen Cheng2016
High-responsivity vertical-illumination Si/Ge uni-traveling-carrier photodiodes based on silicon-on-insulator substrate [期刊论文]Chong Li; ChunLai Xue; Zhi Liu; Hui Cong; Buwen Cheng; Xia Guo; Wuming Liu2016
Improving the performance of radial n-i-p junction Si nanowire solar cells by catalyst residue removal [期刊论文]Xiaodong Zhang; Xiangbo Zeng; Shuwei Zhang; Fengqi Liu2016
Influence of hydrogen on the properties of titanium doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon prepared by sputtering [期刊论文]Tianwei Zhou; Yuhua Zuo; Kai Qiu; Jun Zheng; Qiming Wang2016
Silicon based GeSn p-i-n photodetector for SWIR detection [期刊论文]Hui Cong; Chunlai Xue; Jun Zheng; Fan Yang; Kai Yu; Zhi Liu; Xu Zhang; Buwen Cheng; Qiming Wang2016
Temperature dependent direct-bandgap light emission and optical gain of Ge [期刊论文]Zhi Liu; Chao He; Dongliang Zhang; Chuanbo Li; Chunlai Xue; Yuhua Zuo; Buwen Cheng2016
A review of concentrator silicon solar cells [期刊论文]Yupeng Xing; Peide Han; Shuai Wang; Peng Liang; Shishu Lou; Yuanbo Zhang; Shaoxu Hu; Huishi Zhu; Chunhua Zhao; Yanhong Mi2016
Thermal and electrical performance analysis of silicon vertical multi-junction solar cell under non-uniform illumination [期刊论文]Yupeng Xing; Kailiang Zhang; Jinshi Zhao; Peide Han2016
A proposal for the generation of optical frequency comb in temperature insensitive microcavity [期刊论文]Xun Lei; Dandan Bian; Shaowu Chen2016
Photocurrent Enhancement in Si-Ge Photodetectors by Utilizing Surface Plasmons [期刊论文]Mehdi Afshari Bavil; Zhi Liu; Wenzhou Wu; Chuanbo Li; Buwen Cheng2016
Design of a polymer-filled silicon nitride strip/slot asymmetric hybrid waveguide for realizing both flat dispersion and athermal operation [期刊论文]DANDAN BIAN; SHAOWU CHEN; XUN LEI; GUANSHI QIN; ZHANGUO CHEN2016
Bolometric effect in a waveguide-integrated graphene photodetector [期刊论文]Yubing Wang; Weihong Yin; Qin Han; Xiaohong Yang; Han Ye; Qianqian Lv; Dongdong Yin2016
Cu2+1O coated polycrystalline Si nanoparticles as anode for lithium-ion battery [期刊论文]Junying Zhang; Chunqian Zhang; Shouming Wu2; Zhi Liu; Jun Zheng; Yuhua Zuo; Chunlai Xue; Chuanbo Li; Buwen Cheng2016
Defect-free high Sn-content GeSn on insulator grown by rapid melting growth [期刊论文]Zhi Liu; Hui Cong; Fan Yang; Chuanbo Li; Jun Zheng; Chunlai Xue; Yuhua Zuo; Buwen Cheng; Qiming Wang2016
Design and fabrication of multi-channel photodetector array monolithic with arrayed waveguide grating [期刊论文]Qian-Qian Lv; Pan Pan; Han Ye; Dong-Dong Yin; Yu-Bing Wang; Xiao-Hong Yang; Qin Han2016
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Dynamical Regimes for Optically Injected Microdisk Lasers [期刊论文]Xiu-Wen Ma; Yong-Zhen Huang; Heng Long; Yue-De Yang; Fu-Li Wang; Jin-Long Xiao; Yun Du2016
Locally deformed-ring hybrid microlasers exhibiting stable unidirectional emission from a Si waveguide [期刊论文]Shao-Shuai Sui; Yong-Zhen Huang; Ming-Ying Tang; Hai-Zhong Weng; Yue-De Yang; Jin-Long Xiao; Yun Du2016
Mode characteristics and directional emission for square microcavity lasers [期刊论文]Yue-De Yang; Yong-Zhen Huang2016
Mode control for microring resonators with inner-wall gratings [期刊论文]Xin Jin; Yue-De Yang; Jin-Long Xiao; Yong-Zhen Huang2016


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