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Nearly Diffraction-Limited and Low-Divergence Tapered Lasers with Photonic Crystal Structure [期刊论文]Xiaolong Ma; Anjin Liu; Hongwei Qu; Yun Liu; Pengchao Zhao; Xiaojie Guo; Wanhua Zheng2017
Large-aperture subwavelength grating couplers [期刊论文]FAN Q; QINGYAN MA; YUFEI WANG; WANHUA ZHENG2016
Lateral Cavity Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Laser with Narrow Divergence Angle [期刊论文]Xiaojie Guo; Yufei Wang; Aiyi Qi; Fan Qi; Siriguleng Zhang; Wanghua Zheng2016
Wavelength-tunable perfect absorber based on guided-mode resonances [期刊论文]Si Zhang; Yufei Wang; Shaohua Wang; Wanhua Zheng2016
80GHz AlGaInAs/InP colliding-pulse mode-locked laser with high pulse power [期刊论文]Pengchao Zhao; Anjin Liu; Wanhua Zheng2016
A Single Mode Hybrid III–V/Silicon On-Chip Laser Based on Flip-Chip Bonding Technology for Optical Interconnection [期刊论文]Hai-Ling Wang; Wan-Hua Zheng2016
Experimentally simulating quantum walks with self-collimated light [期刊论文]F. Qi; Y. F. Wang; Q. Y. Ma; W. H. Zheng2016
Fabrication and characterization of integrable GaAs-based high-contrast grating reflector and Fabry-Pérot filter array with GaInP sacrificial layer [期刊论文]Anjin Liu; Philip Wolf; Jan-Hindrik Schulze; Dieter Bimberg, Fellow, IEEE2016
Microwave Photonic Filter with Co mplex Coefficient Based on Optical Carri er Phase Shift Utilizing two Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Pumps [期刊论文]Wen Ting Wang; Jian Guo Liu; Hai Kuo Mei; Wei Yu Wang; Ning Hua Zhu2015
A Novel Optical Frequency Hopping Scheme For Secure WDM Optical Communications [期刊论文]Sun Long Wang, Wei Chen, Ning Hua Zhu, Jian Guo Liu, Wen Ting Wang, Jin Jin Guo2015
A Wideband Photonic Microwave Phase Shifter Using Polarization-Dependent Intensity Modulation [期刊论文]Weiyu Wang; Wenhui Sun; Wenting Wang; Youwan Tong; Jianyu Zheng; Haiqing Yuan; Xin Wang; Jinhua Bai; Lijuan Yu; Jianguo Liu; Ninghua Zhu2015
Triangular Microwave Waveforms Generation Based on an Optoelectronic Oscillator [期刊论文]Wei Yu Wang; Wei Li; Wen Hui Sun; Wenting Wang; Jian Guo Liu; Ning Hua Zhu2015
Tunable fractional-order photonic differentiator using a distributed feedback semiconductor optical amplifier [期刊论文]Shuqian Sun; Ye Deng; Ninghua Zhu; Ming Li2015
Widely tunable single passband microwave photonic filter based on DFB-SOA-assisted optical carrier recovery [期刊论文]Ye Deng; Ming Li; Jian Tang; Shuqian Sun; Ningbo Huang; Ninghua Zhu2015
Microwave photonic bandstop filter with wide tunability and adjustable bandwidth [期刊论文]Wei Li; Chengwu Yang; Ling Wang; Zhilin Yuan; Jianguo Liu; Ming Li; Ninghua Zhu2015
Optical vector network analyzer with improved accuracy based on polarization modulation and polarization pulling [期刊论文]Wei Li; Jian Guo Liu; Ning Hua Zhu2015
A Widely and Continuously Tunable Frequency Doubling Optoelectronic Oscillator [期刊论文]Wei Li; Jian Guo Liu; Ning Hua Zhu2015
Real-time Fourier transformation of lightwave spectra and application in optical reflectometry [期刊论文]Antonio Malacarne; Yongwoo Park; Ming Li; Sophie LaRochelle; José Azaña2015
Design and Analysis of Laser Diodes Based on the Longitudinal Photonic Band Crystal Concept for High Power and Narrow Vertical Divergence [期刊论文]Lei Liu; Hongwei Qu; Yun Liu; Yufei Wang; Aiyi Qi; Xiaojie Guo; Pengchao Zhao; Yejin Zhang; Wanhua Zheng2015
Self-collimated 1 x 2 TM-polarized beam splitter based on photonic crystal surface mode [期刊论文]Jiang, B; Zhang, YJ; Wang, YF; Zheng, WH2014


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