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TitleAuthorIssue Date▼ Full Text
Acoustic emission detection using intensity-modulated DFB fiber laser sensor [期刊论文]Tan Yang; Ying Song; Wentao Zhang; Fang Li2016
DFB fiber laser static strain sensor based on beat frequency interrogation with a reference fiber laser locked to a FBG resonator [期刊论文]Wenzhu Huang; Shengwen Feng; Wentao Zhang; Fang Li2016
Fiber laser sensors for micro seismic monitoring [期刊论文]Wentao Zhang; Zhaogang Wang; Wenzhu Huang; Wenyi Liu; Li Li; Fang Li2016
In situ plankton and fish detection based on optical gated sampling [期刊论文]XIAOQUAN LIU; XINWEI WANG; YAN ZHOU; YULIANG LIU2016
Lower-upper-threshold correlation for underwater range-gated imaging self-adaptive enhancement [期刊论文]LIANG SUN; XINWEI WANG; XIAOQUAN LIU; PENGDAO REN; PINGSHUN LEI; JUN HE; SONGTAO FAN; YAN ZHOU; YULIANG LIU2016
Liquid-Damped Fiber Laser Accelerometer: Theory and Experiment [期刊论文]Zhaogang Wang; Wentao Zhang; Wenzhu Huang; Fang Li2015
Optoelectronic hybrid fiber laser sensor for simultaneous acoustic and magnetic measurement [期刊论文]Zhaogang Wang; Wentao Zhang; Wenzhu Huang; Shengwen Feng; Fang Li2015
A High-Resolution Demodulation Algorithm for FBG-FP Static-Strain Sensors Based on the Hilbert Transform and Cross Third-Order Cumulant [期刊论文]Wenzhu Huang; Tengkun Zhen; Wentao Zhang; Fusheng Zhang; Fang Li2015
Swept optical SSB-SC modulation technique for high-resolution large-dynamic-range static strain measurement using FBG-FP sensors [期刊论文]Wenzhu Huang; Wentao Zhang; Fang Li2015
Heterodyne interrogation system for TDM interferometric fiber optic sensors array [期刊论文]Gaosheng Fang; TuanweiXu; FangLi2015
Phase-sensitive Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Based on Phase Generated Carrier Algorithm [期刊论文]Gaosheng Fang; Tuanwei Xu; Shengwen Feng; Fang Li2015
Impact of multipath effects on theoretical accuracy of TOA-based indoor VLC positioning system [期刊论文]Xuqing Sun; Jingyuan Duan; Yonggang Zou; Ancun Shi2015
Multi-pulse time delay integration method for flexible 3D super-resolution range-gated imaging [期刊论文]Wang Xinwei; Li Youfu; Zhou Yan2015
Ns-scaled Time Coding Method for Real-time 3D Super-resolution Range-gated Imaging [期刊论文]Dezhen Lu; Xinwei Wang; Songtao Fan; Jun He; Yan Zhou; Yuliang Liu2015
Depth map resolution improvement for 3D range-intensity correlation laser imaging [期刊论文]Xiaoquan Liu; Xinwei Wang; Yinan Cao; Songtao Fan; Yan Zhou; Yuliang Liu2015
Analysis of backscattering characteristics of objects for remote laser voice acquisition [期刊论文]Li, LY; Zeng, HL; Zhang, YZ; Kong, QS; Zhou, Y; Liu, YL2014
pi-Phase-Shifted FBG for High-Resolution Static-Strain Measurement Based on Wavelet Threshold Denoising Algorithm [期刊论文]Huang, Wenzhu; Zhang, Wentao; Zhen, Tengkun; Zhang, Fusheng; Li, Fang2014
Diaphragm-Based Fiber Optic Fabry-Perot Accelerometer With High Consistency [期刊论文]Wang, Zhaogang; Zhang, Wentao; Han, Jing; Huang, Wenzhu; Li, Fang2014
Low-cost and miniature all-silica Fabry-Perot pressure sensor for intracranial pressure [期刊论文]Li, Yuting; Zhang, Wentao; Wang, Zhaogang; Xu, Hongbin; Han, Jing; Li, Fang2014
High-quality-factor photonic crystal ring resonator [期刊论文]Zhang, Y; Zeng, C; Li, DP; Gao, G; Huang, ZZ; Yu, JZ; Xia, JS2014


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