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Plasmonic Back Structures Designed for Efficiency Enhancement of Thin Film Solar Cells [会议论文]Bai WL (Bai Wenli); Gan QQ (Gan Qiaoqiang); Song GF (Song Guofeng); Bartoli F (Bartoli Filbert)2010
High brightness InAs/GaAs quantum dot tapered laser at 1.3 mu m with high temperature stability [会议论文]Cao YL (Cao Yu-Lian); Xu PF (Xu Peng-fei); Ji HM (Ji Hai-Ming); Yang T (Yang Tao); Chen LH (Chen Liang-Hui)2010
Tight-banding Approach for Phonic Crystal Coupled-cavity-mode Estimation [会议论文]Sun H (Sun Hui); Jiang B (Jiang Bin); Chen W (Chen Wei); Zhou WJ (Zhou Wenjun); Xing MX (Xing Minxin); Liu AJ (Liu Anjin); Zheng WH (Zheng Wanhua)2009
High efficient and tunable edge emitting microlaser on photonic crystal slab [会议论文]Zheng WH (Zheng Wanhua); Xing MX (Xing Mingxin); Chen W (Chen Wei); Zhou WJ (Zhou Wenjun); Liu AJ (Liu Anjin); Wang HL (Wang Hailing); Chen LH (Chen Lianghui)2009
Ring defect photonic crystal vertical cavity surface emitting laser based on coherent coupling [会议论文]Liu AJ (Liu Anjin); Qu HW (Qu Hongwei); Chen W (Chen Wei); Xing MX (Xing Mingxin); Zhou WJ (Zhou Wenjun); Zheng WH (Zheng Wanhua)2009
High polarization single dipole mode photonic crystal microlaser [会议论文]Chen W (Chen Wei); Xing MX (Xing Mingxin); Zhou WJ (Zhou Wenjun); Liu AJ (Liu Anjin); Chen LH (Chen Lianghui); Zheng WH (Zheng Wanhua)2009


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